The challenge of getting results out of limited data

As I approached the end of my schooling at Lambda, we kicked it off with one final project which they called Resfeber (RACE-fay-ber)- The restless race of the traveler’s heart before the journey begins. Resfeber we were told, was going to be a cross-discipline web app that would help families plan and prepare for a road trip and help them estimate what their trip would cost, including possible airB&B and gas prices. All in one simple to use application.

Our team consisted of 5 DS, 3 Web, 2 iOS, and 2 UX students and as Data Science students, one of…

Mushrooms have always fascinated me because of how many different kinds there are. Some mushrooms are small and grow in large clusters that are perfect for soups, and some are big, red and would make you sick for weeks if you tried to eat them. While I love most any mushroom that is safe to eat, trying to figure out which ones are edible is something that has intimidated me and kept me from foraging on my own.

Mushrooms growing on a mossy branch.
Mushrooms growing on a mossy branch.

While looking for a dataset to use with some predictive modeling, I came across one on UCI’s Machine Learning Repository that built…

A vector chart showing extrovert and introvert with ambivert in the overlap
A vector chart showing extrovert and introvert with ambivert in the overlap

When I started this project, my goal was to find a data set that would illustrate that most people fall somewhere in the middle of the introvert/extrovert spectrum instead of being placed at either extreme end of the spectrum.

I found a data set of an online personality survey that asked 91 different questions, each asking the survey taker, on a scale of 1–5, how much they agreed with a given statement. After the questionnaire was completed each individual was asked whether they self-identified as an introvert, an extrovert, or neither. …

Ethan Holden

I am a Data Scientist in training at Lambda School and a certified culinarian. Boardgame enthusiast, and father of one.

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